At Path Light Academy we utilize a vast array of curriculum. Below you will find some of the programs and publishers we anticipate utilizing for the 2018-2019 school year.

Bible: Our first class of the day every day is Bible. This class will focus on going through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and finding themes, promises, truths, and life application through discussion.

ELA (English/Language Arts) curriculum and instruction at Path Light Academy will feature curriculum and materials by the following publishers: Progressive Phonics, Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Bob Jones University Press, Christian Liberty Press, Claritas Publishing, and more. Students in grades 6-12 will work to write their own individual adventure novels using a program called One Year Adventure Novel. Those students will also read an array of classic novels, poetry, and non-fiction pieces throughout the year.

Foreign Language: At Path Light Academy students will learn Spanish in preparation for the Regent’s examination, the CLEP test, missions trips, and/or personal fulfillment. Curriculum from Bob Jones University Press and other publishers will be utilized. Students will also be able to learn Biblical Hebrew as part of their daily Bible study.

Science: Creation-based science is our priority at Path Light Academy. We teach and believe in a literal seven day interpretation of the Genesis creation account. For grades K-6 we teach from Eagle’s Wings “Considering God’s Creation” science curriculum. For grades 7-8 we utilize Nitty Gritty Science. For grades 9-12 we use either Bob Jones University Press curriculum or curriculum from Apologia (or a blend of the two). Because many of our 9-12 grade students plan to take the Regent’s examination we teach them about the evolutionary mindset. This means we teach evolution only in the context of creation. We teach our students how to refute the world’s viewpoint. For Chemistry, we offer a course called Friendly Chemistry.*

Mathematics: For mathematics Path Light Academy is taking a unique approach this year. We believe mathematics is something that should be fun and that proficiency in mathematics should be achievable for students of all interests and abilities. For this reason, we intend to implement mathematics instruction utilizing the following publishers for the 2018-2019 school year: Growth Mindset Mathematics, Eureka Math, and Financial Peace University. Eureka Math is a common core curriculum and will be the foundational math program used at Path Light Academy.

History, Geography, and Social Sciences: Path Light Academy’s 2018-2019 school year will feature the use of history/geography and social sciences curriculum published by Bob Jones University Press, Christian Liberty Press, The Story of the World, and Notgrass History.

Visual and Performing Arts: Path Light Academy incorporates dance, drama, movement, and creativity into its programming on a daily or weekly basis with courses in art instruction, art history, music theory, theater, and band. Individual instrument lessons are also available for an additional fee.

Health and Safety: Path Light Academy utilizes a conglomeration of readily available resources to instruct students in health and safety in grades 2, 5, 7, and 11.

Physical Education: Path Light Academy utilizes SPARK and CATCH as its physical education programming. For 2018-2019 our students will also participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge. We do not have a gymnasium at our school campus.

Electives: Path Light Academy believes in delight-directed learning. This means a program can be tailored to your child’s interests. We tailor curriculum, learning opportunities, and internships whenever available for our 9-12 grade students.

College Credit: Students at Path Light Academy will have to opportunity to take courses in preparation for CLEP testing. For the upcoming 2018-2019 school year students will be taking Spanish and Psychology in preparation for the CLEP. CLEP test fees are not covered by Path Light Academy tuition. Transportation and scheduling for CLEP testing is the responsibility of the student’s family. CLEP tests are typically under $100 each. A passing grade will grant your student 3-6 college credits per passed exam.

After school programs: Path Light Academy staff is working to put an after school program together that will include drama, theater, dance, and clubs. No specific information is available at this time.

*Friendly Chemistry is a complete high school-level chemistry course that utilizes games, activities and lab experiences to make the concepts crystal clear and readily retained. Although it does not prepare students for the NYS Regent’s Examination, it covers the following topics: Atomic Theory, Trends of the Periodic Table of Elements, Quantum Mechanics (Electron Arrangement), Ion Formation, Compound Formation – Bonding, Avogadro’s Number and the Mole, Calculation of Formula Weights and Percent Composition, Empirical Formulas, Writing and Classifying Chemical Reactions, Balancing Chemical Equations, Stoichiometry (predicting quantitative outcomes of reactions and predicting necessary amounts of reactants to produce a desired amount of product), Solutions and Molarity, Gas Laws. In contrast, our Earth Science and Biology courses are sufficient to pass a Regent’s Examination.